Sleeper built with cooling equipment is a real lifesaver

I went to a horse clinic not too long ago to learn better horse riding habits.

I had to trailer our horse in plus it was roughly a 4 hour trip so I stayed overnight.

My horse trailer has a relatively small sleeper built in to the front with a small bed plus not much else. I brought along a little cooler with a couple of sandwiches plus thought I would be great. What I didn’t anticipate was how blazin hot it gets this far south. A majority of the time, I keep the air conditioner equipment running at my property plus rarely leave the property after dinner so I don’t provide much thought to the temperature in the middle of the night. Well, after a terribly long day driving plus setting up, I wished I had given it some thought to the hot plus cold temperatures at night because it was way too unbearably hot to sleep! The temperature never fell below 96 degrees plus I was dying without a good cooling system to help me out. In the morning, I tacked up my horse plus got her ready for the clinic but I felt like I was going to pass out. I was so tired plus fuzzy headed. My disorientation must have been terribly obvious. I told the teacher I hadn’t slept well because of the blazin heat plus I was amazed anyone else managed to get any rest. That’s when I found out that the teacher’s 6-horse trailer had a sleeper in it with air conditioner equipment plus that the other participants had slept there. The teacher said there was no extra bed for me but that I was certainly welcome to come plus sleep on the floor if I wished… Of course, I took her up on the offer. I was so physically exhausted that I didn’t mind the rough floor, at least it was air conditioned plus I was able to start out refreshed for the final day of lessons.

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