Sick of those places

At night the heating idea smelled like something was burning up

My spouse love to travel just as much as I do. For the past few years, we have done definitely well financially so both of us have been taking more holidays. We treat ourselves to nicer restaurants as well as hotels because we are able to afford these things now. We have no youngsters right now either so we are trying to enjoy the time both of us have together while we have extra money to spend on holidays.Taking lavish holidays was not constantly the usual thing for us. We have been to several motels as well as eaten fast foods before. I remember one time clearly that was horrible. We decided to take a long road trip around the country… In order to save some money we booked at very cheap motels along the way. All we cared about was seeing the country, not where we were staying. In this hotel the heating & cooling idea didn’t work at all. Since we were in the desert, it got very hot during the afternoon and freezing freezing at night. There was no air conditioning at all coming from the vents when we wanted to cool off. At night the heating idea smelled like something was burning up. I called the front desk and asked about the heating & cooling idea but they said it was like this in every room. I know you get what you pay for when it comes to hotels. Now all the hotels we stay in have a top of the line heating as well as cooling systems.

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