Should I go to HVAC school?

When you are deciding how to study the HVAC trade, what should you do? This converstation gets really heated when you mentioned union versus non-union, but the HVAC field, like any other trade industry, is as diverse as it gets.

When I decided to go into the HVAC field, I was trying to find a way into the union.

My uncle worked in the HVAC field for years and he told me that he could actually get me into the HVAC union school that he went through. When I started doing the research, the HVAC union seemed promising. They offered much better wages than their non-union counterparts. The benefits were way better, and I applied for the HVAC college and waited. I waited even more, and eventually, they got back to me. They wanted me to take some entrance exams. I walked into a room with twenty other people interested in the HVAC field, and all of us took difficult tests in math and computer science. I passed, along with only one other people in the class. They promised an interview for the HVAC trade school, and they asked us to wait. So the two of us waited for weeks, and I finally got interviewed and told they would accept me when they had an opening. After weeks of waiting, I decided to join a non-union HVAC job. They didn’t offer the great benefits or higher pay, but at least they let me beginning my task. I want to work on HVAC units, not sit around and wait all day! I can’t wait for weeks to beginning my career in the HVAC field!

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