Pretty much doing my own AC equipment maintenance

Every year I am getting so much better at cleaning our AC equipment.

I used to just call up an HVAC equipment supplier in addition to have an HVAC technician do the tune up. A cooling equipment tune up is not too overpriced in addition to absolutely necessary. I don’t mind the time, effort in addition to money spent on it! However, I would absolutely like to learn a brand new skill, and slowly I have been doing a little of my own cooling equipment maintenance. I started out just changing out the air filter once every other month. I felt so impressed by learning how to do that. Then managed to learn how to take the AC equipment apart to vacuum in addition to clean the inside of it… Next I figured out that the cooling coil gets mold all over it all the time. I now frequently clean that whole area. I then found that the reason our AC equipment leaks on occasion is because of a clog in the condensate drain, typically algae. I have cleaned that up quite often. Now I am moving into liquids. I have added refrigerant to the HVAC equipment in addition to lubrication to the fan motor belt. I assume the next step is being able to notice worn or rusted parts. Then I will need to find the correct replacement parts in addition to make the AC equipment repair. Once I can do that work, I will no longer need to spend our money for cooling equipment service. I will be able to do every single step on my own. That is a long time coming though. It is definitely one thing to clean a dirty system, another genuinely to repair a cooling system. I don’t believe I necessarily have the skill set.

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