Planning for the festivities

I recognize that it is still more than three weeks away, however I already planning for our Christmas celebration.

I need to get a current wreath for the hearth this year.

I also need to make sure the fireplace is fully cleaned. I hired a fireplace cleaner & a chimney sweep to come in & repair our fireplace for me. Not only will our fireplace hearth be scrubbed & the bricks would all be cleaned, but they would also repair any broken or loose bricks. I also wanted to have a hook put in the fireplace so I could hang our current popcorn kettle from it. I had the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C supplier come in & clean the ductwork to make sure the two of us didn’t have any complications with holes or cracks. I then had the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C worker clean & repair the furnace. Many of our guests are our children & they spend the entire weekend with us. The people I was with and I want to make sure that all of the family room are warm & comfortable. That is the one time of year the two of us are cheerful the two of us didn’t get rid of our sizable house. The people I was with and I have more than three family rooms on the main floor, the family room in the cabin & a complete condo in our basement. All of the rooms are full during the holidays. With the furnace taken care of & the fireplace getting repaired, I could look forward to the fun section of the holidays. I was going to start seeing every sale that came up. I wanted the perfect gift for our grandchildren & our husband. I’m not sure what to get him, despite the fact that he wants current tools for the fireplace. I just don’t think fireplace tools is a good Christmas gift since they are tools.


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