Out of a job due to the laser machine

25 years ago, I started now working for a supplier that manufactured aircraft Interiors.

Every one of us hand chop and knit all of the seats and every other piece of fabric inside of the aircraft.

Every one of us were well known in the industry for the finest stitching and Aircraft Interior products. Things have honestly changed in the last few years, and everyone are ditching the hand-stitching for commercial printers, however just last week, the two of us lost a pretty large work. Every one of us have been supplying all of the flooring and leather products for a major aircraft carrier in our hometown. They decided not to renew their contract this year, because they found a supplier that will produce the aircraft Interiors for 40% less than our price. Instead of hand-stitching everything, they are using some type of commercial router. All of our products are chop by hand and sewn to perfection with top of the line threads and double stitches. Some of these extravagant commercial machines and routers make it much less time-consuming to create a product, however that does not mean it’s going to be a good product. Most of our vinyl is chop by hand and the lines are impeccable, however the two of us are losing a lot of corporation to companies that can afford high-priced routers from Gerber and ColorDyne. It’s going to put the small companies out of shop undoubtedly hastily. After being in corporation for 25 years, I think it would be a shame to close the doors. The supplier also employs about 150 employees in the county, and that has going to be a large loss to the community.
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