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They searched everywhere

I was working for a heating as well as cooling company multiple years ago when I made the biggest mistake… I was not a heating as well as cooling specialist, but I was in charge of accounting as well as depositing money into the company’s bank account. In the store room, there was a heating as well as cooling device set to go out to a home, as well as I ended up setting the bucket with the money on top of it. I went to have a quick meeting, then came back about thirty minutes later to find that the money was gone! I was kicking myself for being so foolish in deciding to leave that bucket of money right in the store room when shipments were being made. Since this was all my fault, I was determined to fix it before the boss could find out. I searched the building from wall to wall, but I had no luck. I then went on to call a few of the heating as well as a/c specialists that had Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C replacement appointments. The few I called did not have any idea where the bucket was at. They searched everywhere. I thought for sure I was in major trouble now! At this point, I was just about to confess to my boss the dumb move I made placing the money bucket on top of the heating as well as a/c unit. Then, the iphone rang. It was 1 of the heating as well as a/c specialists I had previously called! They said they found the bag! I was so happy!

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