No AC at the outdoor concert

A month ago, I paid a little over 100 dollars for an upcoming concert.

My number one band had been hopping all over the map, but they finally came to my city last week. When I heard they were finally coming to my town, I squealed with joy. When the day had come, I was up bright an early plus had my foot crushing the gas pedal the entire time of driving. Upon arriving, I realized that it was an outdoor concert, which was okay, however it had no air conditioning. Although I was upset about the lack of an air conditioner system, my hopes were brought up again by seeing the lead singer go onto stage plus wave to the crowd of yelling fans. The concert was about to begin! Jumping with joy, I eagerly awaited. It was just as great as I thought, the songs were clear plus loud. Halfway through, I began to notice sweat soaking the band’s clothes. I felt bad for them, it must be rough being without an air conditioning system, especially with all the bright lights. All the body heat from the crowd must have been wafting upwards. I was in a back row not under light and getting super sweaty. How hard would it have been to get AC for the musicians at least? There must be a generator somewhere and a trailer that they could hook AC up in there. The band could take breaks or an intermission and enjoy the AC. I would not have minded.

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