Natural gas fireplace supplements furnace and adds to aesthetics

Despite having a relatively new gas furnace installed in the house, the living room was always a little chilly during the winter.

The living room is extremely large and there’s insufficient supply vents to handle the square footage.

My husband and I looked into all sorts of possibilities to supplement the heating system. We didn’t like the look or safety risks of portable heaters, and we didn’t want to get involved with the huge mess or expense of altering the ductwork. After a ton of research, we came across the idea of a natural gas fireplace. A natural gas fireplace provides all the ambience and warmth of a wood burning alternative, but with none of the drawbacks. They are available in a near endless array of sizes and styles, so we were able to choose a fireplace perfect for our decor. We spent a bit extra for a fieldstone front with a hardwood mantle and hearth. Although it looks rather rustic, this modern system is wonderfully easy to use and provides exceptional comfort. We never need to buy, chop or haul dirty firewood through our house. There are no ashes, fumes or mess of any kind, and we’ve trimmed our monthly heating bill by twenty percent. The fireplace heater starts up with the tap of a button on a cordless remote, heats up the room quickly, and allows us to adjust temperature. The model we installed includes a built-in blower that spreads the heat evenly throughout the space and yet the operation is wonderfully quiet. The cost of installation was cheaper than adding a woodstove and the whole process was completed in a single afternoon. The system vents to the outside without need of a chimney, so there wasn’t any messy teardown and reconstruction necessary. We just love the warmth and charm of our new fireplace.

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