My roommate did not call about our air conditioning system

When I came home from work the other day I noticed the air conditioning was barely working.

I put my hand against the vents, and instead of feeling a cooling breeze, I only felt a few puffs of air! I talked to my roommate about it and apparently we had lost AC for hours.

The cooling device quit when I went to work and she did not get the AC repair. I was frustrated with my roommate for leaving the AC because now it was my job, but it is bad for our home. In the few hours I left, the whole home was able to heat right back up. By the time an air conditioning serviceman fixes the device and we get it back to cooling, the energy bill is going to be skyhigh. It is more efficient to set the AC device at a higher temperature and allow a little heat in the house. But, to have the home sweltering and then introduce AC is a bad idea. I also was worried about condensation. All the muggy heat mixed with the cold air would create a ton of moisture. I just knew that mold, mildew and bacteria was going to get in the corners of my home and even form on my cooling unit. All my roommate needed to do was call an AC professional or at least let me know. Now I am stuck with the AC disaster and the high bill. It is too bad that I don’t know how to repair AC equipment. I could have just done all the work myself.
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