My Recent Vacation And How It Went Was Great

My family & I took a vacation to Niagara Falls recently, and all of us love to visit all parts of the park & see the water falling from the brink.

It’s 1 of the 7 wonders of the world if you really did not know that actual and true fact! The last time we all visited the park of Niagara Falls, the weather was super hot.

My kids were becoming sleepy from walking around in the heat, so all of us stopped to get an ice-frosty cold treat at an ice-cream vendor. They have all kinds of food vendors all around the area, & this place had some really fantastic air conditioning with excellent air quality… When every single one of us were able to cool down with the fantastic cooling system in the building the whole family were at, the whole family went to the Maid of the Mist to appreciate the boat ride towards the Falls. It was something just like being in a crazy rainstorm when all of us got to the base of the falls. It was rather refreshing on such a blazing sizzling hot morning getting soaked from all the mist, but after all of this, both of us ended up going to the Hard Rock Cafe which is located right there at the front of the Park. I entirely really love that place because the air quality is always great, & the temperature thermostat settings are just right. They play fantastic music & give excellent service. I’ve never had any problems what so ever with this place, I love it more than words can really as well as truly say about it!



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