My climate control settings are all different now

My wife and I are the joyful parents of a newborn baby girl! We had been trying to have youngsters for nearly four years, maybe more, and we had almost given up hope that we would ever have a baby of our own, about a year ago, we learned out that we were going to have our first baby! We both wanted a little boy, however we got a little girl, which we aren’t complaining about! This baby girl has truly changed our lives so much! Even our Heating in addition to Air Conditioning preferences have all changed since having our baby girl! Before we had our baby, our air conditioning system seemed to be always running.

Now, I am not a huge stickler for cold or un-even temperatures, however our wife preferred to have the air conditioning system running all the time, and I didn’t mind bundling up and turning the thermostat down, however, since we have had our baby girl, our air conditioning system is turned up to a much warmer setting… Apparently, our baby girl can’t be particularly cold, and our wife is particularly stern about having the air conditioning system on too often, i am absolutely not complaining because I appreciate the home to be a bit warmer.

We have also adjusted what kind of air filters we use for our Heating in addition to Air Conditioning units, however before our baby, we used the cheaper air filters that we could buy, figuring that the struggle wouldn’t bother us a bit. However, now that we have a baby, we use HEPA air filters, which filter out the air a lot more efficiently! We want our child to be healthy, so we are sure that our Heating in addition to Air Conditioning units are blowing our pure air! I appreciate having our child, and I appreciate parenting!

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