My Boyfriend’s company got a Sky Box for Football Season

In the town that I live in, there is a huge football following. Our cities team is not that great, but the fans are fully committed. The stadium is located in the downtown area. The first few months of football season happen to fall during the warmest months of the year. The stadium is mostly outdoors with minimal shade from the hot, southern sun. There are a few air conditioned areas in the stadium. Most of them are off limits to the general public. In my opinion, the best way to watch the football game is from an air conditioned sky box. We got lucky this year and have season long access to an air conditioned room looking over the field with our own private server and bartender. This has truly changed the way I feel about football games. I cannot believe that just last year, we were watching the game from the stands without air conditioning. The only disadvantage is that we are not allowed to bring our friends into our air conditioned watch-room. This puts a limit on how much fun we can have at the games. Another benefit of the Sky Box is that the rain does not interfere with us having a good time. We now stay cool in the A/C and enjoy the game at the stadium- it really is a win-win for us! If only our football players could have the same mentality.


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