My AC repair job helps me take care of my family

In all of my life plans and goals, at no point had I ever considered settling down and having kids.

When my brother had his unfortunate accident, his two girls needed a new home, and so all of my life plans and goals changed just like that.

Please don’t think this is me complaining, as surprised and saddened as I was about what happened, I never hesitated for a second taking his kids into my home. They had always been great kids, and now they were alone in the world and they needed a protector. I was happy to support them and house them, but I was a hard working HVAC technician who didn’t have a lot to offer in terms of moral support. I didn’t know how to relate to kids, all I knew was heating and cooling systems. Luckily this was more than enough to pay their bills and keep them fed and clothed, but gradually I started to realize that HVAC wasn’t enough for me any longer. Having a relationship with these amazing kids made me less focused on my HVAC work, which troubled me. Being arm deep in a broken furnace is not the place you want to be distracted, you know? I think I need to figure out a new life-work balance for myself, and maybe work a few less hours for the HVAC contractor each week. Up until now heating and cooling systems have been my whole life, but now I’m understanding that it is only how I pay for my real life with these great kids.


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