Maybe we should go without AC for a few days just to see

My grandpa built a little cabin on the shore of the island when he was a young man.

Even though it was old and weathered, having survived decades worth of storm seasons, the place was roomy and sturdy. Every summer as a kid my family used to pack up and go to the cabin for a couple of weeks, and it was always a great time. Spending all day lounging in the waves, or digging in the wet sand, never got old for me. The place is still there, as sturdy as ever, so I decided to take my family there this summer. It was the first time I realized the place didn’t have any air conditioning. Which made total sense, seeing as how old it was it didn’t even have ductwork or any kind of ventilation system, it was just a bare-bones structure. When I was young I was so busy having fun I never thought about the lack of climate control in the place, but I noticed right away as an adult. My kids did, too, and actually threw a fit that there wasn’t air conditioning. I pointed out the window, towards the tides and the white sands, and scolded them for thinking sitting inside in AC was better than enjoying the beach. I can afford to go buy a small window mounted AC unit, which would probably be enough for this cabin, but I don’t know if I should. Maybe it would be good for the kids to spend a few days without air conditioning just to see what it’s like.

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