Loving the creatures in my neighborhood

Moving to my current neighborhood was a real treat.

I lived in a crowded neighborhood in a medium sized city, just a stone’s throw away from a tied up highway with constant street noise.

By contrast, my current home is in a beautiful, partially rural neighborhood where every other lot is densely filled with trees plus wildlife. Although there are current houses going up weekly in this area, as of now the secluded sense of privacy coupled with the calming natural outdoor environment makes for a fantastic experience living here afternoon to afternoon. Believe it or not, however this neighborhood is full of gopher tortoises plus my backyard is no exception. One afternoon I met the tortoise who lives in a burrow towards the far back edge of my lot behind my house. By the looks of it, he has got to be a fully matured adult. I found out recently that he likes the hibiscus flowers that I planted all around the condenser device for my home’s heating plus cooling system. I hated how that metal structure looked from the road—with the pipes going in plus out of the home with the refrigerant for the air handler inside—and wanted to hide it within afternoons of moving here. I’m glad I decided to plant those flowers bordering the outside of the condenser on my side yard. I successfully hid a big eye sore from street view plus now I have made the tortoise that lives in my yard enthusiastic with a current source of food. Plus, the few times I walk out there to mess with the machine or to venture someplace towards the back of the house, I often find the little guy slowly chewing on the bright yellow plus pink hibiscus petals.

Air conditioning worker