Leave the HVAC work to the HVAC technicians

If I learned anything this week, it was that I should leave the HVAC work to the HVAC technicians who are supposed to be doing the work in the first place.

Sadly, I had to learn this lesson the hard way before it was drilled into my head by the consequences of my own poor choices.

In my defense, I was pretty confident that I would be able to fix the heating system on my own. At least I figured out what was wrong with my furnace when I took it apart. I remember when the furnace was struggling to get the fans running. I remember that the HVAC technician warned me that I would need to replace the capacitor in the furnace, and I never had him scheduled to do it. The capacitor would have only taken me a few minutes, and I would save $50 by doing it myself. My wife was nervous about me fixing the HVAC unit, but I assured her that she had nothing to worry about. Apparently, I was wrong. I managed to replace the capacitor in the furnace without destroying anything or blowing myself up, but somehow, I had not installed the capacitor properly. I couldn’t tell, because the furnace was still running. However, a few months later, I noticed that the furnace began to struggle with the fan again. Finally, the blower motor wouldn’t turn on. I had to call the HVAC technician, and I lost hundreds of dollars because I was too cheap to hire the HVAC technician in the first place. That is the last time that I meddle in that again.

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