Late for work thanks to the natural gas furnace

Monday of this week, I was particularly late for my job.

I was so late that our boss yelled at myself and others and even said he would have myself and all of the others fired. I don’t want to get fired just because I appreciate this job a lot. I don’t guess that it was honestly our fault that I was late. You can’t control all things; all that you can do is try your best to prevent further disasters as best you can. I had worked particularly difficult to prevent our Heating in addition to Air Conditioning unit from crapping out. I have subscribed to quarterly Heating in addition to Air Conditioning inspections for our natural gas furnace, which means that 4 times a year, an Heating in addition to Air Conditioning worker who cleans, maintains, and checks every component of our natural gas furnace to make sure that it is and will stay in working order. I have been doing this ever since I bought our natural gas furnace because I wanted to prevent any costly breakdowns that may happen. However, it apparently did not prevent this Heating in addition to Air Conditioning malfunction. My natural gas furnace died this morning, and I have no method why. What I do guess is that our natural gas furnace made myself and others late for work. It is quite chilly cold in our home right now, and it is particularly difficult to get ready when you are chilly cold. My sizzling water pipes froze through (they are the first to freeze in the cold), and this meant that I also had to take a very chilly shower. The whole morning was miserable, and by the time that I was in our car, I felt appreciate I might be getting a cold. On our way to work, I called an Heating in addition to Air Conditioning company to set up an afternoon appointment for them to repair our natural gas furnace, and they suggested an enjoyable plumber to help repair our sizzling water pipes.

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