Know when to hire a professional

It seems that, this day of age, people think that they can do just about anything themselves.

I think this has a lot to do with all of the DIY and self help shows on TV that make projects seem easy.

Of course, what you don’t see, is the entire crew behind the scenes working like crazy to make it look that way. I am as guilty as the next person about taking on tasks that I really should have hired someone to do. I will log on and watch several “how to” videos and decide that I can accomplish a repair or project without hiring a professional. I want to save money as much as the next guy but I have learned that there are time to pay the price and save the headache. When it comes to any appliance in my house I never even attempt to fix a problem. Modern appliances are complicated and many of them have computer panels that need to be diagnosed by someone with the knowledge and equipment to do the job. Even if there is a video online, I am not about to open up an electrical panel and start fishing around for a solution. Take my HVAC system for instance, when it was on the fritz I simply called my HVAC dealer, scheduled an appointment, and a technician had it fixed in no time. Had I attempted the repair myself it would have not only taken me many more hours, I could have damaged my HVAC system and ended up pay more for the repairs or have the unit replaced. HVAC systems are complicated and costly and you never want to have to spend the money to replace them because of your own costly mistake.

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