Jerry Springer HVAC appointment

I’m not exactly a dedicated fan of drama, however I had to admit that it was super funny the other morning when I had a pair of HVAC professionals unexpectedly come to our door.

  • My hubby easily called for HVAC program service after that, however I didn’t realize it.

I asked them if it was really necessary to have 2 HVAC workers to do a fairly easy job, however they told myself and others that a single of the men was a current trainee reading out on the field. I was a little bit hesitant to hear that fact because I didn’t want the trainee to ruin our HVAC however the professional on the team assured myself and others that he had everything covered & definitely nothing bad would happen. Well, it turned out into a silly situation because from that moment on the trainee kept messing up & the HVAC professional was yelling at the top of his lungs at the guy non-stop. I easily started laughing when they started arguing outright with each other. The professional was saying if he didn’t know all the basics of the job, then why did he bother trying to become an HVAC professional at all. He even asked him if he cheated on the HVAC exam because supposedly there were things that should have been apparent to him at that stage. The trainee ended up calling an uber & just left because he couldn’t take it.


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