It was the best surprise ever

I was well aware that our heating and air conditioning system was old.

  • My wife was always reminding me that it was time for a new HvAC system, so how could I not know.

I knew that I should be able to get a few more years out of it. I was right about the HvAC lasting, but it was costing us to make it last. The energy bills were starting to be unmanageable and I knew that my wife was right. We really did need a new heating and air conditioning system a couple of years ago. When our next repair was needed, my wife was really adamant about the new HVAC system. I had been putting money into a special savings account so I could purchase a new heating and air conditioning system when the time came. My wife told me that she was going to go help her sister when her baby was born. I thought this was the perfect time to take the money out of the bank. She thought I was going to have the HvAC repaired while she was gone, but she was wrong. I had saved enough money so I could radiant heated flooring installed in the bathrooms, living room, and the baby’s nursery. The HvAC system was the most modern and energy efficient that I could purchase. It was a little more than I had planned for, but the HVAC company worked with me. When my wife got home and saw the changes, she felt the floor and cried. I guess that means she is happy with the new HVAC system.

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