Issue with our heater

This week, the weather started cooling down plus the two of us got actually chilly inside our house… Even though I love to wait until the last minute to turn our heating on in the winter, I decided to go ahead plus turn up the temperature control because all of our kids kept telling myself and others that they were chilly all the time. I did tell the to put on jackets plus slippers, because I know how high our heating bills have been the past couple of years, and but I feel it was inevitable that the two of us had to turn our oil heating system on, so I did it. When I turned the heating system on, I heard a weird clicking sound through the air vents in the hallway. The clicking sound did not sound right to me, plus so I sent our husband down to the heating system room in the basement to see if he could figure out if there was an issue with our oil heating system, of course, everything looked good to him, however he’s not exactly an Heating and A/C professional. He really isn’t absolutely handy at all, plus so I wasn’t surprised that he couldn’t figure out our heating system concerns. Anyway, after the clicking started, then there was a pretty weird stink that started wafting through the current home plus the heating ducts. I decided that since the two of us couldn’t figure out what the trouble was, the two of us should just go ahead plus all our local Heating and A/C business to come plus check it out for us. I didn’t actually want to mess around with the heating system situation, plus not knowing what the problem was made myself and others absolutely nervous.



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