If you actively avoid climate control, I don't understand you!

I don’t get how people can go without HVAC or any form of climate control.

My friends seem to hate running their HVAC systems.

These are the friends that like to go camping though. I have begun to suspect that they would live in the woods if they could get away with it! Maybe I would be able to understand my pals better if every one of us lived in a more moderate and enjoyable climate. The problem is, that around here, summers are pretty serious and winters are quite brutal! Using climate control nearly year round is just about expected around here. My friend brags about using more natural methods of staying moderate or cool, then he thinks I am paying way too much to use and maintain an Heating and A/C machine and that the comfort that it gives myself and others is excessive and not necessary. I especially care about having this conversation as every one of us hang out on my couch in the living room enjoying the cool breeze from the cooling system unit. It puts more into the idea that I believe he has pretty much crazy for not appreciating climate control. Maybe he pays way less on his electric bills. I don’t know what he does with that cash, although I think that the money I spend on climate control is well spent! Camping with him was a pretty fun time, but HVAC control is way better. I always anticipate coming back home to my HVAC.

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