I was very busy

I spend a lot of hours in the office.

I have tons of things on my mind. I supervise a lot of people and have my own projects to deal with. When I am at home, I am regularly forgetting things since I don’t have the brain power anymore. I frequently forget to turn off my stove when I leave the house. I usually leave the bathroom faucet leaking water too. The best thing I ever bought though was my smart thermostat. I used to not be good to the poor HVAC system. I would turn heating on in the afternoon and then just forget about it. Then I would come back to a house late at night to the house seriously heated for no reason. In the summer time I would turn on the A/C and then the house would be cold for no one in there. Buying a smart thermostat stopped all of this, and at first, the thermostat scans your house to see if there is anyone in the space. If nobody is home, the thermostat shuts the HVAC off on its own. I no longer had to worry about leaving the heater system or A/C plan on, and after this, the thermostat will see that you arrive house and start up the HVAC. No thinking about this at all for me now. But, the best is that I have set a week to week HVAC program. I have the smart thermostat all set up to begin heating in the afternoon, turn off when I am at work and then to pre-cool the house before I arrive from work.


Whole home heating