I was electrocuted trying to fix my own HVAC system

I will admit, I was foolish about trying to work on my cooling system by myself.

I thought by researching some Heating & A/C repair guides, I’d be able to do it.

I felt that I was decent at following directions, so how challenging could working on a Heating & A/C appliance be? Well, I learned the challenging way that it’s not as easy as it looks. One pressing thing that almost killed my system was the fact that I forgot to shut down the power to my Heating & A/C machine before I tried to work on it. This caused me to get an electric shock that knocked me so far back. I was shocked for a few hours, so I realized that I needed to call up the Heating & A/C professionals, even if I did shut down the power to the Heating & A/C after that moment, the electric shock was like a sign from above that I wasn’t meant to work on that HVAC system. If I couldn’t deal with something as self-explanatory as shutting down the power for safety, then I wasn’t going to deal with whatever else was waiting for me if I proceeded with the Heating & A/C component repair. However, when I eventually did have a Heating & A/C professional over to my home to work on the cooling system, I was too shy to tell him that I tried working on it myself plus was electrocuted. I seriously could’ve died plus I’m fortunate that the wiring in my home is not shot. Fortunately, everything seems to be working fine now plus I have not had any drastic health problems after the incident with the Heating & A/C component.

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