I thought that was a great idea

I genuinely adore up-to-date technology, but sometimes my expectations entirely exceed what is even reasonable when I buy an up-to-date piece of hardware.

My computer for instance is a hybrid tablet with a collapsible keyboard attached. I have checked out rave reviews for weeks leading up to the final purchase and had myself psyched thinking it would be the greatest computer I’ve ever had. But the truth is that it’s slow, severely buggy, and the screen is hardly responsive. I was especially disappointed by the ordeal. I went through a similar situation with our heating and cooling equipment in our property. I like to keep our indoor air as clean as possible, so when I started to get smells coming from our cooling equipment, I was gravely worried… A certain Heating, Ventilation, and A/C equipment contractor servicing our equipment proposed that I buy UV lights to put in our air handler! He pretty much said the ultraviolet light emitted is so strong that it destroys fungal, bacterial, and viral pathogens right on contact. What he failed to say before I made the investment was that only the little bit of air that comes within an inch or so of the bulb gets the full effects from the ultraviolet light. In reality, the most the bulbs often do is just sanitize the inside of your air handler which stays exposed to the lights regularly once they’re installed. Granted, they genuinely made a bit of a difference, but I’m not sure if UV bulbs were the right investment for my particular purposes. I think I need a very powerful air purification system for our property, such as a HEPA style filter to improve the smell indoors.



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