I quit working at this location because they didn’t have working air conditioning system

When I was looking for work, admittedly, I was just desperate to land any task! Well, this 1 place seemed to be promising, however I was anxious about the air quality in the place, however it was a restaurant and it seemed to me that the company was lacking.

  • I guess that was because of the lacking air conditioning system in the place.

When I asked about the temperature control settings, they said that they had an issue with their weather conditions control system and they contacted an Heating and Air Conditioning corporation about it, then they asked me when I could get started and I said I could start the next morning. I figured the Heating and Air Conditioning system would really be working by then if the Heating and Air Conditioning professional would be there soon to maintenance the complication with the weather conditions control system; So when I reported in for work, I observed that the place was still entirely hot. I instantly asked when the Heating and Air Conditioning professional would be there and the guy seemed to not think what I was talking about. I said the place was entirely hot, and I was told that the complication would be fixed soon enough; After trying to work in this place with no air conditioning, I realized that I could not deal with it. I was starting to sweat profusely and I needed some kind of air conditioning system to assume better again. When I went to the boss about the issue, he acted prefer I was just being a baby. I decided that if they weren’t going to maintenance the air conditioning system in this place, I was just going to quit then and there. That is actually the shortest task I ever had.

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