I just didn’t like that

My husband Barry is a HVAC contractor and it used to be a great job for him and I.

He could job a good 9-5 task but not worry about taking time off for a vacation or two a year.

The job was not harsh on his body, low stress and he liked it. The HVAC supplier he worked for changed ownership and policies. The new owner has an after hours service policy. Anytime a HVAC contractor takes an after hour service call they get bonus money. You can sign up for after hour service or days. So if a customer calls at 4 in the morning right before a major holiday, a HVAC contractor can make a ton of money doing that heating system repair. I do not like this policy because I am not motivated by cash, and my husband Barry loves making extra money. He has signed up for every potential emergency service situation. Barry must be the only one that did it too due to he gets called all the time. Barry and I have been at the bowling alley, out to a bar or just resting up in bed when he has to leave. Barry then is gone for over an hour messing with someone’s heater and a/c plan. My husband Barry is excited by all the extra money he is raking in. I do not like it though since making any sort of plan is impossible. Barry is regularly anxious about getting a phone call. He also won’t go on trip anymore and possibly miss a few calls.


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