I finally got help from a friend when it came to feeling better in my home

I have always dealt with pretty awful allergy issues.

  • I was always going to hospitals for facing breathing troubles and various other problems with getting sick.

Eventually, I just felt like they were no help to me at the hospital, especially with how they kept the A/C pumped up too high all the time. In time, I started talking with just family and friends about my problems with allergies and how I was always feeling so sick. Then somebody was telling me that I should have my ductwork checked out with my HVAC system. They said that a lot of dust and debris easily builds up overtime and causes all kinds of nasty stuff to come from the ductwork system. When you have poor air quality because of this, apparently you get really sick and face various issues with breathing troubles. So I had an advanced UV air purification installed in my household. I also upgraded my air filters to those of a high MERV rating which are also designed for people who suffer from allergies. I couldn’t believe it, most of my breathing troubles went away overnight and I have a friend of mine to thank for that. I realized that I was just wasting my time when I was going to the hospital, nobody told me that all I had to do was improve my air quality with various types of HVAC equipment to get better. It seems to me that the hospital knows nothing about making people comfortable anyway with how much they crank their air conditioning system all the time.

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