I Didn’t Think I Would Like Yoga But I was Wrong

My best buddy plus I have been yoga aficionados for the past many years.

The people I was with and I first became interested in yoga classes because of my best friend’s bestie; He was the yoga professor back then plus he let my best buddy plus I join the class for free.

I didn’t think yoga would be my thing, because I usually enjoy activities that are more physical. I didn’t think yoga was a good enough workout. I was completely wrong for believing that; Yoga is a fantastic way to lose weight plus get into better physical shape! Stretching plus bending can be genuinely taxing and challenging, especially when your body is not limber plus stretchy. Even after my best buddy plus his bestie went their separate ways, the two of us continued to stretch and pose our way through yoga class, then dale stopped being the professor about multiple weeks ago. The people I was with and I had to make due without a yoga teacher for a while but finally the company hired a new plus genuinely young male teacher, then rumors started making the rounds about the young professor. He was caught up in drama plus was fired as a result, after that, things seemed to settle down. Our new professor has been with us since last November. She is an older teacher – around 60 years old. She does not suppose in drama. She believes that our mind, body, plus soul are all one. Our classes are free of noise, drama, plus problems. I am grateful for the new yoga teacher. I suppose calm, strong, plus relaxed after my stretching and posing.

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