I am obsessed with superior air quality

My obsession with clean air began when I was very young.

I remember it so clearly, it is truly my first real memory of life, that was how important it was.

I was in the hospital, visiting my grandfather who was very ill. I didn’t know what it was at the time, I was too young to understand what cancer was, I just knew he was sick and this was the last time I would see him. I remember the ventilator machines he was on, keeping him breathing. When I found out later that smoking and bad air had hurt his lungs, I became obsessed with ventilation, and later on, this lead me to the world of HVAC technology. As an adult I understand that good ventilation is not enough to stave off disease, but as a kid I thought if the tech was advanced enough, it could work. There are so many more factors at play than just air quality, I know this, but I still obsess over making the best possible HVAC equipment. I see it like this – I know that air quality and HVAC equipment isn’t all it takes to ward off disease, but it can help so much! When you get an inoculation, it doesn’t ward off sickness 100% it just betters your odds, and that is how I feel about HVAC, and how it can regulate air quality. So go outside and get clean fresh air, use air filters in your home, and trust me when I say it’s worth the extra money for the best possible HVAC system.
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