I am colder than most people

I don’t get why I am always so cold.

I just don’t seem to retain body heat like most people.

I seem to get cold, when by rights, I particularly should not be. I can be at home or at the office or out at a movie theater somewhere with a huge group of people. Not a single soul will be talking about how low the temperature control is being set, and yet there I will be, feeling freezing cold, rubbing my arms over my body, and feeling my teeth moving. I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for only a month and yet I’m already worrying about what his temperature preferences are. What if every one of us eventually end up living together and he prefers to set the temperature at a really chilly level on the temperature control? My condo is pretty much the only place where I have total control over the temperature of my environment and I don’t want to supply that up anytime soon! My boyfriend would easily think that it was too tepid from the lack of cooling system that I use, even while in the summer. Meanwhile, I’m perfectly comfortable. I guess I could get used to bundling up in a bunch of jackets like I do when I go out. However, I would like to be naturally comfortable in the place that I live, wearing whatever I think I need to. Not to mention how much cash I save setting a moderate temperature on the temperature control, at least while in the hotter months.

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