HVAC sales to help us out

A acquaintance of mine recently started his own HVAC supplier.

He had gone to a seminar about how to do advertising and he liked the system of making cold calls.

The complication with his liking making iPhone calls, is that he wanted me to ceveryone. He got me a cell iPhone so I didn’t need to use my own and I started going through the iPhone book. I felt care about such an idiot calling people who I didn’t know. He had a script written up about HVAC and his new supplier. He told me not to hang up until I finished the entire script. I wasn’t so fantastic with scripted iPhone calls, and I began to wing it on my own. I told them whom I was toiling for, and what HVAC services he provided. I told everyone that they did plumbing, HVAC repair and upgrade, and they installed radiant heating and boiler systems. I chatted to some people and answered their questions. I found that if people could get questions about HVAC answered, they were more likely to make an appointment for a free inspection. Within the first many days, I had his HVAC service calendar filled, for the next many weeks. He was shocked when he came over the next afternoon to see if I had got anywhere with his iPhone calls. I told him he owed me large time for his HVAC business. I should have been toiling on commission instead of doing it as a favor. With my next round of HVAC cold calls, I am going to tell him I want paid for every appointment I booked.


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