Husband is an Heating plus A/C business ; I can’t get him to service my heating/cooling unit

I’m worried about threats to safety plus indoor air pollen levels

My husband is a fully licensed plus NATE-certified Heating plus A/C business, he runs a actually successful business, plus provides heating, cooling plus air quality services to homeowners plus businesses throughout our local area. He currently has 6 Heating plus A/C businesss toiling for him, who handle current installation, equipment updates, common maintenance plus repair, then they are qualified to service boilers, furnaces, s, heat pumps, ductless units, rooftop units, VRF systems plus much more, then my husband believes strongly in the importance of proactive maintenance for all types of heating plus cooling systems. His company specializes in service plans which include a meticulous cleaning, issueshooting plus tuning of the equipment each year. This common upkeep helps to prevent malfunction, lengthen service life plus optimize both efficiency plus capacity, and it also fulfills the obligations of the manufacturer’s warranty to ensure continued coverage, however unfortunately, I cannot get my husband to take care of your furnace plus central cooling method at home. I make sure to upgrade the air filters on a common basis, but it’s not enough. The equipment requires professional inspection plus tuning. I’ve noticed that my energy bills are gradually increasing, even while the performance of the heating plus cooling method diminishes. I’m worried about threats to safety plus indoor air pollen levels. I understand that after spending a long day toiling on numerous types of heating plus cooling equipment, my husband is not eager to tackle a similar project at home. However, it’s going to be rather embarrassing when the people I was with and I need to upgrade our furnace or due to neglect. I’ve considered calling the office plus scheduling a service call with 1 of the men that works for us.

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