Homestead Gets Facelift with New HVAC

It still sort of shocks me that I actually am living in the house I grew up in.

I have only visited this house over the last 35 years to see my parents.

And now I’m living here. The sequence of events to bring this to reality is fairly amazing. My final transfer of my career came a few years ago. I was sent to a city which is only about a 40 minute commute from here. Initially, we rented a place in the city. In the interim, both of my parents died within months of each other. I’m their only child so the house went to me. It’s a big old home with substantial square footage. However, there are numerous upgrades needed. The first one is the HVAC system. My parents employed a giant old boiler for heat and a cobbled together central air thing for cooling. Neither of these are up to snuff. I like the radiant heat but the boiler is ancient and who knows how much longer it will actually be viable. And the central air system is really a wreck. The ducts don’t fit together properly and then it only services maybe 50 percent of the entire volume of the house. We decided, given these parameters, we would go with ductless HVAC for our heating and cooling needs. HVAC guys are coming to install what is called a multi split heating and cooling system. Actually, it’s only like 4 air handlers which are then connected to condensers outside. These things are also individually controllable and super efficient. I’m excited at the prospect of experiencing HVAC comfort in a home that really has never had any. It looks like it might be a pretty neat homecoming after all.

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