Hockey Coach Got Me a Personal Trainer and I am Healthier than Ever

As a kid, I was a fattie.

My parents never tied up the importance of eating right plus bi-weekly exercise.

I was about 97 lb before I finished elementary school, plus nearly 195 pounds by the time I was done with middle school. I was a pressing guy, plus I was recruited to play hockey during my senior year. I really light being part of a team plus it was a good way to meet girls. When I started finally working out with the team, the pigskin coach assigned me a personal trainer. The trainer kept me on track every morning when school was finished. I worked out in the gym at least two hours per day. I rarely went down to the field to practice with my teammates until the day before game day. I lost 50 lb in 3 weeks plus I l received a lot about eating right plus staying fit. I keep a workout journal now that I am finished with middle school. I don’t have a personal trainer as an adult, but I want to make sure that I stick to a fitness regime. The personal trainer got me in the habit of keeping a personal bi-weekly workout planner with all of my exercises and food written down. I think it’s pressing to write down everything that I eat, so I can track my calories. Since that year in middle school, I have managed to shed a lot of excess weight plus I look and feel better now. I don’t want to return to the same unhealthy lifestyle I had before I played hockey.


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