Her SUV AC was the best

One summer ago, Cora and I decided to take a nice, long road trip to the south so we could enjoy hot weather, hot men and hot sand. Cora and I both live in the upper north and driving to the lowest point in the south was going to be quite the undertaking. I was relieved when my buddy suggested that we jump in her SUV. Cora a little more well-off than myself and she has quite the nice vehicle. Her and I were going to spend a week down there enjoying the sand & the men. Summer was already well started with scorching temperatures from coast to coast. I was a little worried about how tepid the trip was going to be. But, then we jumped into Cora’s SUV and she cranked her cooling system to highest setting. It was the most powerful SUV cooling system I’d ever experienced. I sat there for a moment marveling at how cool it was keeping us and my buddy noticed. Cora took a minute to brag about how powerful the cooling system was, although I did not need to be convinced. She even admitted that it went a considerably long way in helping her make a decision at the auto lot. Ultimately, though our trip was long and tiring, every one of us were kept cool and comfortable despite the horrible heat. Not even the hotel that her and I ended up staying in halfway through our trip had cooling system that could compare to her SUV!

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