Helping mom with the new smart thermostat

If you are anywhere near our age, then we guarantee you outside of your respected nine-to-five job you also act as an IT professional.

You absolutely perform this function for your family, whether you want to or not! If you weren’t aware of this fact yet, then I’m quite sure you have not been spending enough time at the apartment with your parents.

In our family, it’s clear that anybody under the age of 60 years old is a technological genius. My entire family has no clue what they are doing when it comes to utilizing cell phones, gadgets, or the internet in general. They are always complaining about technology, new living, and digital communications. My mom is possibly the worst of them all! She is convinced that she is a high-tech, very modern woman, but in reality she only gets confused and angry when she tries to use anything modern. This is why I have to be an expert on all of her gadgets. Recently, I devoted several weeks of my life to researching new ACs for my mom. I knew for quite a while that she required a new a/c in her home, because the air felt extremely muggy and awful when I visited. However, my family had been avoiding the conversation. She would blatantly need help arranging the heating and cooling appointment, selecting her own cooling system, and figuring out how to absolutely utilize the AC system after it was installed. Even after that, she still was going to need help learning how to operate the control unit. Unfortunately, it was clear that whoever got stuck assisting with the central air conditioner replacement was going to be at the private professional for the foreseeable future. That’s why, I insisted that she bought a smart control component for her system. Now, when she cannot figure out how to use it, I can change her temperature settings right from home without too much trouble.



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