Heating a swimming pool

I recently got an inground swimming pool for the house.

Pools are a good investment but are way more expensive than you would think. And, once you have got the hold dug, the pool put in locale and all the equipment, it is a hefty price tag! So when the pool person tried to get myself and others to buy a pool heating system I said no way. I thought this was a scam. I live in the south, so why would I need a heater for the pool? The south is hot basically all year long! Even the Winter season is not that bad. I figured I would never use the heating device anyway. Well, after buying an expensive pool, I wanted to use it all the time; The outdoor air would be warm, but my water was super cold. I tried using a solar cover and that is only good if you want the top layer of water to be sort of hot rather than chilly. I finally started looking at pool oil furnaces since I was desperate to swim when it was cooler out. I then found an interesting little tidbit online, and you can use your boiler plan to heat a swimming pool, a boiler on its own has a bunch of water in it that it is heating. The boiler can be hooked to the family water tank and be a heater. You can set up piping to the boiler and put it in the flooring, but, you can take piping and extend it outdoors to the swimming pool. That is how I have a pool heating system in the yard. The boiler plan works great and my bills are not too bad with it.

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