Had terrible HVAC in my first home

When I went off on my own, if there is 1 thing I missed about my parents’ house the most, it was how great their climate control was.

I did not think I was being spoiled when I was a kid, because great climate control is all I ever knew! It was practically a given that the house was going to be cool and comfortable while in the hottest summer time day.

In the wintertime the house was nearly always warm and toasty compared to the outdoors. I never particularly had to worry about whether or not I would be too tepid and stuffy to sleep in the summer time or to freezing chilly to get comfortable in the winter. Then I got my initial condo that ended up having easily lackluster climate control. The window ac system machine in the room was already well on its way to the junkyard by the time I started renting it out. It barely lasted a month before it gave out on myself and others entirely. It was the beginning of June, no less! The proprietor promised to buy a up-to-date 1 soon, however never did, so I had to get 1 for myself. The up-to-date cooling system worked well enough, but then fall and Winter came all too suddenly. I realized I had no form of heating at all! Winters are somewhat easy to hack around here, however there were still plenty of chilly days to deal with, and the insulation in the condo was not the best.


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