Getting the heating system looked over

I’ve had this same old gas heating system in my house for about ten years now.

It’s been reliable enough, however I have to admit that lately, there seems to be this odd odor coming from the ventilation HVAC duct throughout the apartment every time it runs.

I used to think that there could’ve been rubber burning somewhere, or maybe that the HVAC duct itself needed to be repaired. Then, a single morning I observed that there was a small pile of what looked like dust kneeling on a shelf just under a single of the ventilation registers for the HVAC ducts. When I saw this, I took a closer look in addition to began to notice that it wasn’t legitimately dust, however ash! Suddenly I began to fear the worst, as I didn’t believe if the HVAC duct itself had been melted or burned from the heating system. I played it safe at this point, in addition to called my usual heating, ventilation in addition to air conditioner maintenance supplier to send a supplier to my home; Upon arrival, the Heating in addition to A/C service supplier checked the HVAC duct in addition to the heating system itself for my heating system. When he took a closer look, he found that the firebox for the heating system was in dire need of a thorough cleaning! I asked how he would’ve thought to check that, in addition to he explained that sometimes, the firebox becomes dirty after the burners accumulate enough dirt in addition to other debris, however once the firebox was cleaned out in addition to the heating system was back in laboring order, the smell disappeared from the apartment as the heating system ran. I was thankful to find the solution!


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