Get the Most HVAC Efficiency and Longevity with Maintenance

When you choose to live in the upper reaches of this country, winter is never really off the radar.

It’s like this for good reason because the winter up here is serious business.

Preparation is the key to handling this sort of cold and harsh weather. I actually really love the snow and ice which makes it quite a bit easier to embrace living where I do. One day, good HVAC may not be enough to get me through the winter. But until then, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing. There are several different heating methods that one could choose to get through a winter like ours. My choice is an HVAC system with a furnace. The furnace we currently have is not all that old. I think we can plan to get another 15 or 20 years out of it before it needs to be replaced. Our choice of furnace cost us a bit but it has been worth it. We wanted a heating system that was both efficient and long lasting. To ensure that we were able to get both, I have had the furnace and the HVAC system serviced twice a year. I was the same way about the last HVAC heating system. I am a firm believer in preventive maintenance. The data bears out how much value one gets from having the furnace maintained semi annually. From a longevity stand point, a regularly serviced HVAC system will last up to six years longer on average. That just makes perfect sense. Plus, with having the furnace professionally maintained, I don’t have to worry about it quitting on us during a blizzard or something.
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