Gender reveal party almost ruined by AC issue

When I was of the age for having children there wasn’t such a thing as gender reveal parties.

There were baby showers, but it seems like these days people want to have as many baby related parties as possible and so they do both.

I am so glad my wife didn’t want foolishness like this, because I think it’s quite silly. At the same time, I love my granddaughter, so when she wanted to host a gender reveal party at our farm I couldn’t say no to her. Since it was such a hot day they held the party in the house, and all that extra heat inside caused too much strain on the air conditioner and it stopped working. My granddaughter was quite upset, because that AC was the only thing keeping her from sweating herself to pieces. I calmed her down, then went out to the storage shed and fetched the old box-style A/C unit we used to use in the summers. There was a time when my house didn’t have a central HVAC system in it so we used a window mounted one during the summers. I got that set up in the living room so the ladies could have a bit of cooling while I started to mess around with the central system. I am no HVAC expert, but on the farm you have to learn how to jerry rig just about anything. It took me a little bit to get the cooling up and running, but I could tell from the party sounds everyone was having fun.


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