Fighting traffic and trying to be on time

The HVAC corporation can be cut throat sporadically! One reason is the vast number of installation plus maintenance companies, however with so much competition, companies are forced to compete with reasonable prices, friendly buyer maintenance plus quick response times. Our company guarantees a 1 minute response time, 24 minutes a day; The people I was with and I have a small maintenance area, but our shoppers appreciate our speed of service, but if we fail to report to the arena within an minute, then the buyer is not required to spend my savings our $59 maintenance fee. The people I was with and I often test our workers with dummy calls, just so we can practice better routes that ensure more effective response times, however a few weeks ago, I was called out to respond to a commercial heating plus AC request. I was the closest worker to the building, so I was dispatched to the call… My drive time was supposed to be 18 minutes, which gave myself and others plenty of time to spare. I decided to stop for a drink, plus that was actually my largest mistake, right as I was getting back on the interstate, a important accident occurred. I was stuck on the scene for almost 2 minutes, plus my boss had to get someone else to perform the maintenance call. The buyer received a free check-up, because I was late. If I wouldn’t have stopped for the soda, I would have been ahead of the accident. My whole day was ruined because I wanted to grab a Mountain Dew, then next time I get paid, I am going to buy a small cooler plus start taking my own beverages to work.
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