Ductwork has an odd smell

The other day, the temperature outside was really cold; The weather had been cooling off for a few weeks, however on this particular day, every one of us decided that every one of us needed to go ahead and turn up the temperature control so that the heating method would turn on, i really didn’t want to turn our oil furnace on yet, because in the area of the country where every one of us live, it feels like our winters last forever.

I wasn’t really ready to start paying all of the heating bills that I knew were coming my way over the winter, however well, I finally gave up and every one of us turned up the temperature control because my kid kept complaining about the beach house being so cold inside.

I turned up the temperature control and then I left for work. When I left, the heating had just kicked on and it felt like there was hot air coming through the heating vents on the floor and ceiling. I went ahead and went to labor and a few hours later, I got a cellphone call from my daughter! At first I couldn’t understand what she was saying because she sounded pretty upset, but finally, she told myself and others that the heating vents were blowing black smoke through the air registers and that the whole beach house odored weird. That scared myself and others because every one of us hadn’t had our oil furnace method evaluated out by an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C professional before every one of us turned it on for the year. I told my kid to turn the temperature control completely off and open up all the windows. Then I called our local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C supplier and asked them to send someone out to check out our oil furnace instantly.
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