DIY Heating and A/C maintenance video

I truly wish I didn’t decide to watch a stupid DIY video about Heating and A/C plan maintenance… The video was definitely about oiling your fan motor for your outdoor a/c condenser unit, and on the video, the girl was saying that all fan motors had to be oiled, and she pointed out the spots where the oil was supposed to go in! So I basically did what she did, and later l gained that those holes weren’t even for oil, however rather for drainage; Most fan motors these afternoons don’t even have ports for oil, and if they did, they would have some type of cap on them to keep the oil inside on both the top and the bottom.

Basically when I oiled the fan motor inrespectfully because of this video, it just caused my a/c condenser component to smoke and then it quit laboring altogether, and i ended up having to call the Heating and A/C supplier to have a current fan motor installed, however at least it wasn’t a terribly upscale fix, however I’m sure that old fan motor could have worked a lot longer if I never put oil in it appreciate that, and when it comes to DIY maintenance, you truly have to be careful about who you listen to.

I was reading the comments on the video later and a lot of people were saying that those weren’t oil ports at all, and they were right! Most of the motors are not designed that way. If you definitely want to add oil to the motor, I think you have to take apart the motor, which is a royal pain. It sincerely is easier just to buy a current motor and update it yourself. Since I don’t have that type of comprehension though, I just had the Heating and A/C professional do it.