Crack in condenser realized too late

I was really excited when I purchased my car last fall.

I had saved up money from my part time job for nearly six months in order afford the down payment.

The dealer said that they had gone over the car in great detail and made sure it was running like new. It was really almost ten years old but the previous owner had taken really good care of it. I never worried when the dealership had me sign the papers stating that it only had a ninety day warranty. It was mid October when I bought the car so the air conditioner was the last thing on my mind. The heat worked great all through the winter and that was all that mattered at the time. Well, as soon as the temperatures started to rise I decided to turn on the air conditioner. I expected it would work just as the rest of the car did but it wouldn’t cool off at all. It seemed to be actually blowing hot air instead of cold. I scheduled an appointment with the repair shop to have them take a look at it. The technician gave me the bad news that the air conditioner’s condenser had a large crack in it and it would need to be replaced. In fact, the air conditioner was basically shot and he suggested that we replace entire unit. I asked him how much that would cost and I almost fell over when he told me the price. Of course, the ninety day warranty was more than expired and I was on the hook for the whole bill. Boy was this a lesson learned. For all I know the air conditioner never worked and the dealer sold the car during the cooler weather for that reason. The next time I buy a car I will make sure that all the systems work and turn on the air conditioner even if it is twenty degrees outside.
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