Corporate wellness class was better than I thought

I work in the warehouse of a major company.

Injury used to be a big thing at work.

We lift heavy items and operate complex machinery. Guys were constantly out on workers compensation due to back, knee and shoulder issues. The company finally invested in corporate wellness programs. Our company works with a personal training gym that offers classes for a whole group. The warehouse guys and I need to go to personal training twice a week for an hour. It is weird getting paid to work out. I also can choose to go to the fitness center more. I would get a discounted rate to do more classes. When I started the corporate wellness program, I thought it would be a waste of time. I imagined it going like high school gym. I pictured standing around in gym shorts being bored. The personal trainer was really great. The guy worked with each of us one and one to target areas of our body that were weak. We also did group fitness class to promote overall core strength to help us on the job. I have noticed a difference in how I feel. I am less tired after work. I also have more energy. I think I might try the discounted classes and go after work a few days a week. I am interested to see what they could do in a totally private fitness class. I might even make my wife come with me and it can turn into a date night for us. That could be fun right?

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