Concerns over HVAC equipment

Not all that long ago, my hubby & I rented a beach house at the seashore. Every one of us were planning on having a romantic month for our twenty-seventh anniversary. Every one of us got to the beach house and it was really top of the line until both of us realized there wasn’t a refrigerator in the living room. There wasn’t a single bed in the study room & there were no fixtures in the powder room. There was no toilet or tub, either. Every one of us called the rental office & she was surprisingly apologetic. She said they had given the corporation’s the wrong dates, but they would be there in a few hours. I asked her if she expected to stay there without a bed, or a actually working powder room. She set up a reservation for us at the hotel that was less than a mile from the cabin. Every one of us got to the hotel and it was so warm and miserable in the lobby that I was certain that I was going to faint. They told us the air conditioning system had gone down in the hotel, but the room Heating & A/C was still working totally fine. Every one of us got into our room & my hubby instantly set the control unit. In the middle of the night, it go so damn cold we were each shivering. He got up again & reset the control unit. It was beginning to get a bit warmer and later we went back to sleep. By the time both of us woke up, it was so tepid in the room that both of us couldn’t get any fresh air. I had a actually bad feeling that this was just the beginning of a actually long week. I’m just praying that they suddenly restore the cabin.