Compromised air quality when taking on home repairs

When my partner as well as I bought our residence, it was nothing fancy to look at.

The two of us planned on fixing it to become our dream residence though. Both of us have been ripping out a bunch of walls, flooring as well as fixtures left as well as right. Everything is being redone, fixed up as well as painted… Slowly the residence is turning into a complete beauty. Right now my partner as well as I are working on redoing the bathroom. That has become quite a mess. Both of us don’t want dust to travel all throughout the residence. So the two of us keep the bathroom door closed as well as only open a window for ventilation. The indoor air conditions in the tiny bathroom is completely compromised. The two of us are ripping up the flooring… It comes in pieces as well as dust goes all around. It gets in our hair, eyes as well as throat. I frequently forget to put on a dust mask as well. So I inhale the poor IAQ as well as I suffer a great deal for it later. I get to where I have a hard time opening my eyes or speaking. I get far more tired as well as suppose I am incredibly sick. Really the solution would be to run the AC machine with air purification. The main problem is that the residence uses central AC. Both of us had to block off the air vent so no dust can work its way into the air duct. If that happened, dust would fly in every room of the residence. It would be totally messy to clean up as well as luxurious. So the two of us just have to deal with poor indoor air conditions until the job is finished. I can’t wait to finish up that job in the bathroom.


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